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12 Books For Little Ones About Adoption

September 17, 2013|

I took this from the Christian Homes and Family Services website. Sally Shank A BLESSING FROM ABOVE This book is so near and dear to everyone’s heart at Christian Homes & Family Services! In this touching story, a kangaroo prays [...]

How To Recognize Signs of Child Abuse

July 29, 2013|

The following was taken from the Children's Home of Lubbock & Family Services Agency's web site. More than 200 children died at the hands of their parents or caregivers, and more than 64,000 children were abused or neglected in Texas [...]

Parenting an ADHD Child (Part 4) by Paul Schandevel

March 27, 2012|

The following article is taken from the Spring 2012 "Spectrum" magazine by Children's Homes, Inc. In the last issue, we explored two parenting tips for raising children diagnosed with ADHD. In this column, I’ll summarize five more. The first two [...]

Top 10 Reasons To Be A Foster Parent

March 13, 2012|

This list comes from the Searcy Children's Homes Web site 10. There is no other ministry that can affect so many lives – the child, their biological parent(s) that want to change their lives, or the adoptive parents that are [...]

November is National Adoption Month

November 9, 2011|

Since November is National Adoption Month some articles will be posted from various agencies dealing with adooption. The following is from Christian family Services in Gainesville, Florida. Adoption Today Thirty years ago, adoption was usually surrounded by secrecy. Adoptive parents [...]

Ideas to Celebrate National Adoption Month Day by Day

October 28, 2011|

Celebrating National Adoption Month with Day by Day Activities Ideas for Each Day of the Month of November 2011 By Carrie Craft, Guide Tuesday, November 1 Begin Adoption Month by celebrating your family's story and sharing it online! Don't [...]

Childplace and Greater County Schools Collaborative

August 26, 2011|

The following article comes from the Childplce Newsletter Spring/Summer 2011 Childplace and Greater Clark County Schools Collaborative! Childplace has entered into a collaborative endeavor with Greater Clark County Schools. The program has two aspects: The Clark County Middle/High School alternative [...]

Parenting an ADHD Child – Part 1

August 15, 2011|

Parenting an ADHD child – Part 1 by Paul Schandevel Director of Children's Home in Paragould, Arkansas Two moms sitting on a bench at the mall: “What am I going o do with Johnny? I’ve spanked, I’ve yanked, and I’ve [...]

"Before It's Too Late"

July 11, 2011|

The following article by Julene Noles is copied by permission from the October 1993 issue of 21st Century Christian Magazine. Before It’s Too Late I’ll never forget the day fifteen-year-old Cindy rushed into my office and exclaimed, “Please get me [...]

"Search and Reunion"

June 20, 2011|

This article was taken from the Georgia Agape web site. Search and Reunion The term “search and reunion” refers to the efforts of adoptees, birth parents or their family members to seek some kind of contact with a blood relative [...]

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