Jimmy Moore
Jimmy MoorePresident
President/CEO, The Children’s Home of Lubbock
Danny Holmes
Danny HolmesVice President
Executive Director of Agape of North Alabama
Hattie Haney
Hattie HaneySecretary
Therapeutic Recreation, The Children’s Home of Lubbock
Barry Boverie
Barry BoverieTreasurer
Administrator of Mid-Western Children’s Home
Steve Duer
Steve Duer Member
Executive Director of Agape of Central Alabama
Racquelle Grant
Racquelle GrantMember
Executive Director of Georgia Agape
Shawn Hull
Shawn HullMember
Executive Director, Cherokee Home for Children
Nick Mears
Nick MearsMember
Executive Director, Mountain States Children’s Home
Chuck Shepherd
Chuck ShepherdMember
Director of Social Services, Mount Dora Christian Academy
Sherri Statler
Sherri StatlerMember
President/CEO, Christian Homes & Family Services
Holly Towers
Holly TowersMember
Executive Director, Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care