This list comes from the Searcy Children’s Homes Web site

10. There is no other ministry that can affect so many lives – the child, their biological parent(s) that want to change their lives, or the adoptive parents that are longing to give their love to a child that has no other place to call their home.

9. Loving a foster child forces out my self-seeking, selfish form of love and encourages me to love them like Jesus.

8. The children will capture your heart and you’ll never be the same again.

7. It gives an ounce of hope for a seemingly hopeless situation.

6. You receive support, advocacy, and a sense of community with other Christian foster families through Searcy Children’s Homes.

5. You get to be a real superhero to a child who really needs one (capes are optional).

4. James 1:27 – you will be practicing pure religion.

3. You get to teach your child that service is a way of life, not something you do when the mood strikes.

2. You’ll never know, this side of heaven, how much good you’ll do in a child’s life.

1. It is what Jesus would do.