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More kids in foster care

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November 1, 2019 Vol. 50, No. 10 Print version: page 80 As the opioid epidemic has grown, so has the number of youth who end up in foster care because of parental drug use 442,995 Number of youths living in [...]

The Epidemic of Child Abuse

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The following information is from the American Society for the Positive Care of Children “It is easy to read statistics without grasping the human suffering behind the numbers. Each number represents a child’s life. Each human life touches hundreds of [...]

Preventing Sexual Abuse in the Church

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Use the Six-Month Rule – Don’t give any volunteer worker the opportunity to be involved in nursery, children’s or youth work until he or she has been associated with your church for at least six months. Screen All Workers – [...]

Types of Adoptions

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This information came from Agape of North Alabama’s website The “right” adoption for you. Adoptive parents may choose from two main types of adoptions in the United States – domestic adoption and international adoption. The following describes each and explains [...]

How to Talk to Your Adopted Child About Bullying

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This article is from the November blog of Christian Works for Children in Dallas, Texas. Many adopted children are bullied and teased throughout their lives. Bullying of adoptees can center around race, gender, adoption status, development, social skills, and much [...]

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This is taken from Christian Works For Children website Theraplay® is a great way to connect with your child–as well as have fun and explore your own inner child. For many parents who may not remember playful experiences between themselves [...]

12 Books For Little Ones About Adoption

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I found this on Christian Homes and Family Services Website. A BLESSING FROM ABOVE This book is so near and dear to everyone’s heart at Christian Homes & Family Services! In this touching story, a kangaroo prays for a baby [...]

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