Sunny Spots

When asked how to cook a turkey, our kids happily shared their recipes.

Get a 5-pound turkey and put flour all over it. Stick something in there to make chicken. Then, add some butter, sea salt, sugar and pepper. Pour Olive Oil on the top and milk over the oil. Bake at 400 degrees for 100 seconds. Take out of oven and put in refrigerator to cool. After it cools, take it out and eat. —Girl, Age 9

Buy a 9-pound turkey. Feed the turkey some turkey food. —Girl, Age 5

Catch the turkey. Bring the turkey home. Stick it. Cook it at 800 degrees for 8 minutes and eat. —Boy, Age 6

You need an 8-pound turkey. Put it in the oven at 600 degrees for 7 minutes. It’s ready to eat. —Boy, Age 6

Get a 10-pound turkey and cook it for 6 minutes at 300 degrees. —Boy, Age 7