God’s Vision for Every City and Town


I  Biblical conflict in Bethel

  1. Early version of worship wars
  2. People disagreed over fasting on a certain day
  3. Sent Sharezer and Regemmelech to Zechariah for solution

II. Zechariah – arbitrator of conflict

  1. Two answers
    1. You fasts are hypocritical and self servin
    2. How you treat community is as important as worship
  2. Not new teaching
    1. Samuel stressed obedience (1 Sam 15:22)
    2. Amos stressed just and righteous living (Amos 5:21-24)
    3. Isaiah stressed that oppression in community affected worship (Isa. 1:12-31)
    4. John stressed loving God by loving others (1 John 3:17-19; 4:20)
  3. Sharezer and Regemmelech are faithful to tell Zechariah’s message
    1. People refuse to listen
    2. Willing to fast but not obey God
    3. Willing to follow their terms, not God’s

III. God Acts – Zech 8:4-6

  1.  Sets higher standard
    1. A city park
    2. Peace
    3. Children
  2. God’s view
    1. God cares about children
    2. God plans a safe future for children
    3. Happy children a sign of a healthy society
  3. God’s principles
    1. for orphans in O.T. – Moses, Psalms, Prov. Job
    2. Jesus’ attention to children – Mark 9:33-37
    3. James summary of Christian community – James 1:27

 Suggestions for using this Bible study

1. Begin by reading each passage in your own Bible. Read the larger context so you can be sure of how the writer is using the passage cited. This kind of study will take time, but will allow you to be more confident in the presentation.

2. Read over the study and write out what you think is the main point. Pray over that main point. Are you doing it in your own life or have you too become sidetracked? Pray that God would show you want keeps people from doing his will. Ask that you might be sensitive to the hearts to which you speak.

3. Begin the lesson with a prayer. Confess your own sin or inadequacy in the prayer and mention the things God has shown you in your private prayer time before him. Ask God to lift these things from you and your listeners.

4. Edit and change the Bible study so that it fits your ability and style. This Bible study was not meant to be read to a church or class. It is only intended to point in a direction and to provide material that can be altered to suit a particular situation.