16 children gathered at the entrance of what is now their new home. Upon opening the doors to the new facility, each child ran to their new room. Shouts of joy could be heard through the buildings and the smiles were so grand their cheeks must have yearned for rest. One our our 14 year old girls, who had never shown us any other emotion than anger, or flat affect, said it best as she walked into her room and stopped in the middle to take it all in.
She said, “They did all of this for us.”
Tears began to stream down her face as she walked over to her bed to sit down. I have no doubt, at that moment, she felt treasured.
Often when we think about rare and beautiful treasures, we think of material possessions that very few have. For the children at SCCH, I imagine the treasure is having someone care enough about them that they themselves feel like the treasured.
We owe many thanks to the several churches and individuals that helped make this dream a reality. Most of all, we are thankful God blessed the process from start to finish. Let us express our thanks to you for contributing to the future of the children that come into our care. Thank you.
(Taken from the Southern Christian Home newsletter and written by Michael Bunch)