Booth Goodwin, most recently the Federal Attorney for Southern West Virginia, came to Ohio Valley University to speak with students. During the visit he met with a local drug free coalition where I serve on the board.

He reports that drugs seem to be everywhere taking a terrible toll on our society. I was glad to hear about some things being done in our state to address the issue.

Goodwin led in making a short video called “Equal Opportunity Destroyer”. It featured upper middle class people telling the gripping story of the tragedy they experienced with drugs. It shook me out of some of my preconceptions about the identity of drug users and the cost.

He also pointed out a second website and phone app called “Make the Call”. It puts the location of the nearest help for a drug overdose situation and ways to save lives. Incredible. Although the app applies only for those living in West Virginia, the idea should spread.

All of this gave me hope, a dream that we can rise up and overcome this scourge. Check out that video and be aware of what’s happening our land.

By: Harold Shank
February 26, 2016