ConnectCare’s mission is to provide loving care for children while connecting families with resources and hope.
HOW DOES ConnectCare WORK?
The ConnectCare program’s primary goal is to provide a safe and loving environment for children whose family is in crisis. The care is voluntary, temporary and occurs outside of the child’s home and in the home of one of our Care Families, a licensed foster family. Because the program is strictly voluntary for parents there is no chance of parental rights being terminated.
When a parent finds themselves in crisis – whether it is financial, emotional, physical or otherwise – and they need temporary care for their children, they may contact Christian Family Services, Inc. and speak with a social worker. The worker will then assess the situation and determine if we have a Care Family available to care for their child(ren).
When a child comes into ConnectCare, we will work closely with the child’s parent to connect them with resources. It is our desire to help that parent find the stability he/she needs to be able to parent again. We work toward reunification of parent and child as soon as possible.