A Way To Save All The Children”

Harold Shank
National Spokesperson for CCFSA

You have seen the startling statistics about children in America: Preteens are the poorest age group in the nation. A child is killed by a gun every ninety-two minutes. Drug use is up. Increasing numbers of kids have insufficient parental care. School drop-out rates are astounding.
The bad numbers discourage us. How do we deal with such tragedy? How can we achieve victory when the war seems lost? How can we save all the children?
Sunday School.
Sunday School? Maybe we are so close that we do not see the possibilities. But think of it! A curriculum built around the greatest book ever conceived. Wonderful facilities in strategic locations in every community. Volunteer faculties of experienced and committed Christian people. Church leaders who want every seat filled and every room used.
Saving all the children daunts us. The task will not be easy, but we must use fully one of the most powerful tools at our disposal. Any advocate of children should be an advocate of Sunday School. If we advance the cause of Sunday School, we are advancing the cause of children. If we advance the cause of children, we advance the cause of God.
Want to save the American child? Make use of your Sunday School.