Too Scared to Tell

by Cathy Glass

Harper Element Publisher, 2020.
Paperback, 309 pages.
Available at Amazon for $7.99.

Cathy Glass has written several books. They are written from her perspective and experience as a foster mom. She has fostered over twenty-five years to over 150 children.

This true story of six-year-old Oskar reveals the pain children suffer when they experience trauma. Oskar’s teachers discover bruises on his arms and legs, his unkempt appearance, and constant hunger. His mother is abroad, and Oskar has been left with “friends.” The reality is his mother does not even know some of the people living in the same house as Oskar.

Oskar is quiet, scared, and withdrawn. Cathy, the author, becomes his foster mom.

While reading this book, one gets a glimpse of all that goes in to fostering. I appreciated reading about fostering and some of the struggles and challenges that go with it. Cathy, a British author, handles the difficult subject of sexual abuse with dignity.

The story of Oskar is moving, but at times the author rambles and adds information that is irrelevant.

This would be a good book to read, if you want to learn about fostering from someone who has done that for more than a quarter of a century.